Our Influencers Live in the #MoëtMoment as Part of Moët & Chandon’s Product Launch |
Moet_Pink brunch

Our Influencers Live in the #MoëtMoment as Part of Moët & Chandon’s Product Launch

We recently partnered with client Moët & Chandon, Germany, to bring awareness to and support the launch of the brand’s two limited edition champagnes: the Flamingo Royal and the Ice Imperial. The ongoing campaign, known as “Share the Now,” is meant to define Moët & Chandon as a lifestyle brand on top of being a luxury beverage producer, and associate it with a “live in the moment,” sentiment.

How have we helped bring attention to the new products? We selected 7 key German lifestyle influencers and invited them to take part in two “Moët Moment” themes based on the limited edition champagnes. To promote the Flamingo Royal, influencers gathered for a “Pink Brunch,” where they documented themselves sipping on some pink bubbly. And for the Ice Imperial, influencers were invited to a lavish day party in Munich organized by the brand. Keep an eye out for the next two “Moët Moments,” both of which will kickoff within the next few months.

 Moet_Ice Imperial

Check out some campaign details and influencer posts below:

  • Each of the 7 influencers posted Instagram photos and published blog posts using the hashtags #ShareTheNow and #MoëtMoments, and encouraged their followers to do the same, showcasing their individual experiences with the brand.
  • The campaign garnered over 12 million impressions and 321 thousand interactions.
  • Moët & Chandon’s Instagram followership increased by 14.3%


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