Interview: Meet Pamela RF

Which campaign was your favourite to work on? Why?

The Skinny Mint campaign! I have a good relationship with the brand and the photoshoot in the Maldives was a dreamlike experience. I already enjoyed the product before the campaign and it totally fits into my daily routine.

How has being an influencer changed your life?

When I was younger, I wanted to become an event manager, photographer, model and a business manager! Everything I like to do in my life is combined in this profession! I started my Instagram account at the age of 15 and posted pictures of myself just because I liked to do it—I didn't even know that you could gain popularity without being an actual celebrity. Within 4 years, I built a community of two million people (that's crazy!) who like watching me living the life I love and motivating others. That's seriously the best thing ever.

How do you find balance between being an influencer and your normal daily life?

My days are never the same—there is always something new and exciting going on! I’m happy to combine being an influencer with my daily life.

Do you have any funny or interesting stories with followers (recognizing you on the street, asking to take pictures together, autograph)?

I have a good relationship with one of my first followers. We usually keep in touch through social media and exchange Christmas gifts. We had the chance to meet in person at a recent event and it was great! It is very nice to know that she appreciates what I do.

What type of message do you want to send to your followers through your posts and aesthetic?

I want to encourage them to work for their dreams, start a healthy life, and spread positivity. And I am not where I am today because I’ve got a talent that they don’t have—I can’t sing (but I wish I could ), I can’t act, and I’m too short to be a model. But I’m ambitious, consistent, and motivated as hell. Remember, hard work can beat everything!

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