What is social media engagement and how can your brand get started?

Nowadays, most brands are well aware that maintaining a presence on social media is essential for establishing brand awareness and identity. However, in order for social media strategies to be successful in the long-term, brands have to hold engagement as a number one priority.

Like. Comment. Share. Retweet. Mention. Tag. Pin. Favorite. These are all forms of engagement on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. In simple terms, engagement refers to the consistent interaction between a brand and its online followers that, over time, builds a relationship of trust and even entertainment between the two parties.

Here are some ways that your brand can improve its social media engagement strategies:

Start a conversation

The best way to amp up your brand’s social media engagement is to show followers across multiple platforms that you are approachable and interested in what they have to say. Start a conversation on your social media sites by hosting Q&A sessions on Twitter, asking thought-provoking questions on Facebook, or asking followers to tag your brand in a photo of their favorite product on Instagram. These simple methods will help humanize your brand and define you as an expert in your industry.

Strike mutually-beneficial deals

It is important to keep followers motivated to engage not only through unique and eye-catching content, but through opportunities that will benefit both them and your brand. Strike mutually-beneficial deals with your followers by reposting top user-generated content and announcing giveaways and competitions in return for tags, mentions, and overall improved SEO. There is nothing loyal customers enjoy more than a public shout out or free products!

Dedicate time

Dedicate time to showing customers that you care about their brand experience. This means thoughtfully and efficiently responding to customers’ questions and concerns across all social media platforms. Building positive interactions online not only shows that you are invested in your customers’ satisfaction, but that you are a transparent, professional, and easily approachable brand.

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