Get To Know Pulse Through Our Partnership With HTC

For a couple of years now, Pulse Advertising has been in a proud partnership with the HTC Corporation, a Taiwanese multinational manufacturer of smartphones and tablets renowned for its state of the art technology and constant stream of innovation. Our early campaign with the brand had three focal objectives:

1. To provide launch support for the brand’s new product, HTC Desire 626

2. To increase customer awareness of the brand and its new smartphone

3. To boost engagement by encouraging influencer followers to use the brand’s hashtag and interact with the influencers—> “to use the hashtag and to interact with the followers” or “to use the hashtag in order to interact” or what do you mean?

How exactly did we fulfill these goals? We carefully selected top international influencers based in countries like the USA, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and Russia who have an active followership interested in keeping up with the latest trends in technology.

These influencers then each shared at least one photo of what makes them #moreyou and encouraged their followers to do the same. The subject matter included colorful, artistic arrangements of influencer and followers’ “essentials” as well as their favorite accessories and home goods that reveal the most about their distinct personalities.

The results of the campaign have demonstrated the pure power and effectiveness of influencer marketing as a core strategy. With a total of 14 top-notch global influencers having posted 26 photos on Instagram, in addition to complimentary announcements on Twitter and Facebook, the campaign reached approximately 35 million people around the world.

Below are some additional campaign results:

There were over 718,000 interactions on all of the influencers’ profiles combined

HTC saw a 3% increase in engagement on its Instagram page

The HTC campaign hashtag, #moreyou, was used 870 times

We are excited to see how the growth of influencer marketing will continue to yield successful results for HTC and other brands whose partnerships we value!

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