5 ways to become a more powerful influencer

1.) Find a Niche

The most successful influencers focus on a particular industry or topic so that they can flaunt their expertise with legitimacy. Doing this ensures that you garner a loyal followership with similar interests and passions, which automatically translates into more engagement.

2.) Share Valuable Content

Sharing valuable content with your followers—whether it be tips, promotion codes, advice, or reviews—will establish your digital voice as one that is trustworthy and helpful. If content is useful to your followers, they will not only make visiting your platform part of their daily routine, but will refer it to friends who hold similar interests.

3.) Engage and Network

One of the most effective ways to increase your web of engaged followers is to develop meaningful relationships with them. Followers are drawn to influencers who make an effort to start a conversation, whether that be through answering questions or posing them themselves. This also includes leaving the digital world for a little to attend events and conferences—this will not only increase your followers, but will provide a vehicle for followers to get to know you face-to-face.

4.) Diversify Your Platforms

Though it requires more work, maintaining several profiles on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Blogger will solidify your personal brand, improve your SEO results tremendously, and allow you to get more creative with your content. We recommend kick-starting a blog to compliment your Instagram profile so you can give your photos more contextual background through shared personal anecdotes and tips. Make sure you post on a consistent basis and stay organized with an editorial calendar.

5.) Be Selective

In order for a brand-influencer partnership to be as mutually beneficial as possible, it is important that you curate your opportunities—partner with brands that you feel mesh with your personality just as well as your personality meshes with the brand’s. Plus, followers undoubtedly appreciate when they can tell an influencer is being selective and sticking to their values.

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