4 strategies to boost your social media strategy

It is often stated that influencer marketing is an up-and-coming digital marketing strategy proven to help your brand flourish. While this is common knowledge, there are many unknown and unique ways which your brand can work with an influencer to create a successful campaign.

Below are the four best methods to integrate influencers into your marketing campaign:

1.) Brand ambassadors. Having an influencer become the face of your brand for an extended period of time is the best way to form a long-term relationship with the influencer. This inherently makes the campaign more authentic . This is also a great strategy if your brand wishes to reestablish their identity and attract a new target group that match the image and follower base of the influencer.

2.) Attending brand events. Inviting multiple influencers to events hosted by your brand is an ideal strategy to maximize coverage, demonstrate brand transparency, and produce colorful, live-action content. Event activation is the best way to provide customers with an in-depth brand experience, and if the influencers enjoy themselves they often provide additional content free of charge.

3.) Becoming a creative director. If your brand has the opportunity to work with a well known influencer, consider allowing the influencer to use their creativity in collaboration with your brand.  This partnership consists of inviting an influencer to join your team for a short period of time and work on a new product line. Influencers will be able to demonstrate their creativity and customers are given the opportunity to purchase products designed by their idols.

4.) Taking over a platform. Whether for 24 hours or a few weeks, having an influencer run one of your brand’s social media platforms—for example, Snapchat—is an exciting way to drive traffic to your channels. It is also a creative and simple method to bring more personality and energy to your brand.

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