What is next in influencer marketing?

With influencer marketing, the possibilities are endless. Social media giants and smaller research companies are continually designing ways to better identify the traits and interests of users. This will allow for more appropriate campaigns, personalized content, and effective understanding of the impact that influencer marketing has on the advertising industry. The creation of AI will also increase the effect of influencer marketing, as there will be methods for these influencers to “speak” with followers regarding certain trends or products, as well as promote them more efficiently.

Improved data analytics will make it much easier for brands to identify the followers that are perfectly suited for the brand’s message. For a well executed campaign, brands should know exactly who they are advertising to, what the views and responses are per post, what is effectiveness of this post, as well as promote their product as one that is extremely desirable and respected.

With the ever-improving technology and growing worldwide internet usage, influencer marketing is the future of advertising.

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Image source: Business 2 Community