3 reasons why influencer marketing is unstoppable

1.) It’s Authentic and Trustworthy
Placing an ad in a magazine or having celebrities endorse a product through a commercial is no longer the way to gain the trust of customers. However, influencers have the ability to connect with their followers in ways that brands cannot. When content is being published by authentic, every day people with a loyal following, customers are more likely to trust the brand being advertised. The Shelf recently executed a study that shows 92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people—even those they do not know—over brand content. Another impressive statistic is how 74% of consumers consult online blogs and social media to scope out the latest trends and reviews of products before making a purchase and those numbers are only increasing.

2.) It’s Cost-Effective
Influencer marketing has been proven to yield favourable returns for brands. Convince & Convert, a group of digital marketing advisors, found that on average influencer marketing generates $6.50 in revenue for each $1 invested. They also found that for every dollar invested, 70% of businesses are achieving returns of $2 or more and the top 13% are making $20 or more. The low cost, highly effective campaigns allows brands to be more flexible in their strategies —they can explore new influencers and markets to learn what works best for them.

3.) It Amplifies Your Reach
By integrating a single influencer into a campaign, a brand is able to enter into a global market of their choosing, target a niche group of customers, and increase their SEO results tremendously. This is achieved almost instantaneously, and, because of influencer marketing’s digital nature, brands are able to track and analyze all results in order to make their next advertising strategy more successful.

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