Snapchat launches new feature 'Memories'

Snapchat has just launched a new feature of their app called “Memories”, which will be rolled out in different regions over the coming month.

The new feature allows users to save their snaps, whether photo or video, to the app. These saved snaps can then be edited and combined together into stories within Memories. It allows users to add media from their phone’s camera roll to their Memories feature.

Along with the change, of course, comes brand new handy knick knacks like a self filing system that groups photos based on color, location or theme as well as a password protection system the company has dubbed “For My Eyes Only”. But beyond all the initial hubbub and excitement (whether positive or negative), is the very real eventuation that Snapchat and its user experience has fundamentally changed. Snapchat, of course, is marked by its temporality and the large bulk of its appeal is the fact that messages would disappear. This new update, however, tips the balance and opens up a plethora of new and exciting ways that Snapchat can be utilized.

Recently, there has been much debate amongst marketing experts and advertisers regarding the use of Snapchat as a dynamic and creative platform within the marketing world. With this change, Snapchat is finally “growing up” and is recognizing the massive potential that the app can have within the digital space. Snapchat has finally legitimized itself as a platform within social media marketing as it now presents boundless opportunity and potential for companies and influencers alike. The potential of which, of course, is yet uncharted, but the future is exciting.

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