LinkedIn Integrates Video Into Its Platform Strategy

With social media platform competition as fierce as ever, LinkedIn, a primarily business-oriented networking site, has been feeling some pressure to bring something new to the table.

The professional networking service has recently adopted a video feature, where high-profile LinkedIn Influencers such as Bill Gates and Arianna Huffington will be able to share 30-second clips of themselves discussing the latest business news and sharing tips on a range of select topics. Users in turn will have the opportunity to interact with the Influencers they follow by commenting on the clips and perhaps promulgating debate with fellow LinkedIn members.

This feature has become available at a pivotal time in the social sphere; more than ever, users online have been hungry for versatility in the way they interact with one another and absorb news and insights. Just this week, Instagram launched a new interactive communication tool called “Stories” onto its platform, sparking controversy with now rival, Snapchat.

While the site's video clips may not be adorned with colorful emojis, stickers, and text, or disappear after 24 hours, they will certainly drive engagement and add a richer, more human element to the platform and its Influencers without tainting LinkedIn's professional values—results that are sure to satisfy the platform's 433 million users and creators alike.

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