Our Influencers Live in the #MoëtMoment as Part of Moët & Chandon’s Product Launch

We recently partnered with client Moët & Chandon, Germany, to bring awareness to and support the launch of the brand’s two limited edition champagnes: the Flamingo Royal and the Ice Imperial. The ongoing campaign, known as “Share the Now,” is meant to define Moët & Chandon as a lifestyle brand on top of being a luxury beverage producer, and associate it with a “live in the moment,” sentiment.

How have we helped bring attention to the new products? We selected 7 key German lifestyle influencers and invited them to take part in two “Moët Moment” themes based on the limited edition champagnes. To promote the Flamingo Royal, influencers gathered for a “Pink Brunch,” where they documented themselves sipping on some pink bubbly. And for the Ice Imperial, influencers were invited to a lavish day party in Munich organized by the brand. Keep an eye out for the next two “Moët Moments,” both of which will kickoff within the next few months.

Check out some campaign details and influencer posts below:

Each of the 7 influencers posted Instagram photos and published blog posts using the hashtags #ShareTheNow and #MoëtMoments, and encouraged their followers to do the same, showcasing their individual experiences with the brand.

The campaign garnered over 12 million impressions and 321 thousand interactions.

Moët & Chandon’s Instagram followership increased by 14.3%