3 Ways to Spice Up Engagement with Followers Amidst the Growth of Social Platforms

Whereas just a few years ago the term social media engagement implied a simple like and comment, today it can encompass a wide range of creative actions, thanks to the features platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook have been surprising us with.

With functions like Snapchat Memories, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Live rolling out by the minute, it is essential that brands adapt their engagement strategies and use the ever-growing curiosity within the social sphere to their advantage.

Below are three ways your brand can creatively cultivate engagement with its fans:

Nostalgia Marketing via Snapchat Memories. Similar to the classic #ThrowbackThursday on Instagram, highlighting past products, events, and successes on Snapchat will invoke an emotional response from your followers, reminding them why they have loved your brand through the years. The tool can also be used as a creative way to unfold your brand’s history visually, labeling it as a business that honors its roots and traditions.

Humanize on Instagram Stories. Take advantage of Instagram’s new feature by posting humanized versions of your brand’s more stylized posts collaged on its profile. If you are a retail brand, for example, we recommend posting not only a photo of your new exercise shorts, but a supplemental Instagram Story of someone going through their workout routine wearing the product—customers love to see products in action before making their purchase.

Influencer Guests on Facebook Live. Hosting influencers whom your brand has worked with on different social media platforms for Q&A sessions, for example, is a smart and interactive way to drive traffic to your sites all while solidifying the relationships your brand has with its influencers as authentic. Through this streaming function, fans will be able to witness brand-influencer interaction face-to-face, and not just through a stationary Instagram post with text.

As social media features become more advanced and more personal, it is important that brands not only stay in the know, but be willing to discover, experiment, and take bold risks in their storytelling.

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Photo content attributed to: IAB Ireland