How to Avoid Losing Followers

We often discuss ways to gain and captivate loyal followers across social media platforms. But how do you ensure those followers stay clear of the ‘unfollow’ button?

1.) Don’t be Selfish. Taking advantage of your social media profiles as sales tools in order to promote a new product or initiative has proven to be a lucrative tactic. But it is certainly easy to succumb to your hunger for sales enough to let it dictate your content—and your followers will notice. Try interspersing your promotional posts with ones that are more geared towards benefitting or entertaining your followers, such as industry tips, behind-the-scenes video snippets, or comical memes.

2.) Don’t Overdo It. Many of us have experienced the classic “social media rush” when we get the urge to post all 10 impeccably-edited photos of the same oceanic view, or tweet 20 lines about something outrageous we saw on our morning commute. If followers are constantly hit with long streams of photos or texts, they may just quickly scroll through, or even worse, consider hitting the ‘unfollow’ button. The same goes for posting too much of the same type of content—no one wants to follow a selfie-dominated profile, but one that surprises fans with the occasional food or scenery post. We suggest ball-parking your peak hours for posting and monitoring which types of posts receive the highest engagement.

3.) Don’t be a Stranger. If you notice that you have certain dedicated followers who never fail to like and comment on your posts, do not be afraid to follow them back, give them a shout-out, or send over a simple ‘thank you.’ Returning the favor goes a long way in the social sphere; developing mutually-beneficial relationships with followers will help characterize your brand as one that is social, approachable, and generous.

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Photo content attributed to: Michael Hyatt