Ad Blockers and The Future of Digital Advertising

Ad blockers have been covered by the press extensively over the past weeks. This past June, the International Business Times reported that 63.2% of internet users use an ad blocker in 2016. It seems that there is almost a collective panic within the digital media and marketing business over the threat that ad blockers pose to the industry and the ways in which it affects an entire revenue stream.

Many involved in the conversation have offered a number of solutions to reaching the digital audience: content driven promotional material, non-invasive ad spots that don’t hamper loading times, creative solutions and so forth.

What is clear is that consumers nowadays are more savvy and have never been more in tune with the overt intentions of marketers and advertisers. The key to reaching an audience and communicating a brand’s narrative meaningfully and effectively is a subtle approach that is non-invasive while still presenting the brand’s value.

An avenue of advertising that fits this criteria is of course influencer marketing. Influencer marketing appears to be a key solution to the rising prominence of ad blocking and is the fastest growing online customer acquisition tool. It allows a brand to speak honestly to their target audience; it does not exist to deceive or subvert, but rather to present meaningful content and effectively communicate a brand’s narrative to the consumer. This creates as much value and sentiment as possible for the consumer through the advocacy of an influencer. The fact that it bypasses ad blockers is just icing on the cake.

Influencer marketing can then be thought of as a personal conversation between the influencer and their audience. And in a world where the consumer is becoming more wary and disillusioned by paid advertising and invasive content, a personal and honest touch can go a long way.

Though influencer marketing may not be the be all and end all solution to the ad blocking issue, it should definitely be considered as a key pillar of any cohesive and effective outreach program in today’s digital age.

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