Is The Influencer Bubble About to Pop?

The Business of Fashion recently published an article titled, “For Young Brands, Is The Instagram Opportunity Shrinking?”

In it, author Helena Pike posits that Instagram has become a lucrative platform for both emerging brands and influencers, where organic growth is hard to achieve due to their status as new players to the game.

“There’s so many publishers, so many influencers, so many brands…There’s more talent [so] it’s harder to get discovered,” Pike quotes.

And to a degree, this is true. Influencer Marketing has become the hot new trend in advertising. For the fashion industry in particular, it has become a key pillar of any progressive and modern outreach strategy and an increasing number of brands outside of the fashion industry are beginning to recognize just how effective it is.

But with rising popularity, more and more money is being poured into the industry; brands are willing to spend bigger figures and influencers are asking for more and more. For brands new to the game, this means that navigating the influencer diaspora can be confusing and intimidating. However, higher barriers to entry does not equate to the invalidation of the platform.

Influencer marketing is here to stay and remains one of the most engaging and cost effective ways to reap the benefits of both hard and soft ROI. Though rising capital gives way to an increase in demand, smaller and younger brands aren’t completely cut off from having their slice of the pie. That is why it is immensely important to work together with an influencer agency that knows exactly how to make sense of all the confusion.

Whether it be maintaining an extensive network of influencers, a full service and creative approach or the global scale of its services, an influencer agency is essential to navigate the social media milieu effectively and as a result, maximize positive results for a brand.

Increased competition does not denote exclusivity, but rather it stokes innovative and creative thinking, stronger content and executional improvement, all of which are key to strengthening a brand’s presence within the social media space and can be effectively facilitated with the right partnership.

For young brands, the Instagram opportunity is not shrinking; it is reshaping and evolving.

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