'YouTube Spaces' is Only Growing in Importance

As more and more YouTubers around the globe earn their way into stardom--whether they be beauty bloggers, diehard gamers, or tech enthusiasts--it is safe to say that the concept behind 'YouTube Spaces' is more relevant than ever before.

These 'YouTube Spaces' are essentially creative hubs that YouTube has built in major cities worldwide like London, Tokyo, New York, and Paris, in order to provide both established and aspiring YouTubers with the professional equipment and controlled space needed to produce the content they envision. These spaces are also highly interactive; those who join have access to professional workshops and the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from other creative minds.

Just this past week, 'YouTube Spaces' launched a pop-up at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School in Sydney, where staff members from the school hosted classes on everything from copyright to editing and emphasized the importance of today's students exploring various digital mediums. And the creators of 'YouTube Spaces' only have plans to expand.

Head of YouTube Spaces Asia Pacific, David MacDonald told Mashable last week, "it's [YouTube Spaces] part of our investment in creators. It pays out in the long run for us to have better content with better production value."

With demands on YouTubers only increasing as trends like influencer marketing continue to prove prominence, where many creators serve as their own managers, directors, and lead actors,  'YouTube Spaces' and the network it provides will serve to ease some pressure all while fostering better content.

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Photo attributed to: The Next Web