And the Oscar Goes to... Digital Marketing

The 89th Academy Awards ceremony is coming up and it will bring with it a huge marketing opportunity for both big and small businesses. While larger companies will invest in profitable and costly commercials that will be broadcasted during the show, smaller brands will get the chance to take advantage of the Oscars’ exposure using a less expensive but nonetheless effective tool: digital marketing.

The ceremony is one of the most awaited and viewed events of the year; in 2016, the audience amounted to 34 million. One can argue that the Oscars started to become a real social phenomenon thanks to the digital revolution. Indeed, the show’s production staff made a huge effort over the years to make it more inventive and engaging, creating exclusive digital content and providing a unique experience for viewers, such as online access to backstage happenings. Today, the rate of engagement is incredibly high; viewers watch and comment on the show on their social media profiles in order to feel involved and actively take part in the event.

According to Accuracast, there are some specific guidelines that could help companies bolster their digital strategy in occasion of the Academy Awards ceremony.

First off, marketers should be proactive and ready to react immediately to what is happening during the show. A proper real-time marketing is essential to the strategy’s success. This means creating consistent, relevant content and posting it at the right moment in order to be seen by the widest audience possible.

Where should they post? On social media, of course. Social network users are, most of the time, really active on the Internet and, for this reason, would appreciate real-time marketing and would be prone to sharing and commenting on relevant posts, allowing companies to increase their visibility. This is what happened to Greenheart last year, when Leonardo Di Caprio finally won his first Oscar and marketers were able to exploit his popularity by using some quotes from his pro-environment speech.

In addition, companies should invest in in-stream marketing on Youtube to increase their online impressions. Marketers should pay for broadcasting their own commercials before the trailers of the most appealing movies that the Oscars will make audience curious to watch. Moreover, companies should create a bond with a movie that they consider to be connected with their brand image and products by developing a social media campaign focused on the correlations among them. Finally, the content created should be tailored and relevant to companies’ target groups in order to remain consistent and strengthen the relationship with their customers.

It seems evident that a smart digital strategy aimed at exploiting the Oscars’ popularity and appeal could lead to outstanding results in terms of brand awareness and revenue for businesses of any size or industry.

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Photo attributed to:Jaimie Park