Are Your Mobile Ads Ineffective? You Should Switch to Influencer Marketing

When deciding how to invest their budget on mobile marketing, brands need to be careful not to create content that can be perceived as spam by their targeted audience, i.e. millennials. According to Business Insider Intelligence, millennials strongly dislike mobile ads, especially when they are not adapted to their interests.

According to Business Insider’s report, millennials are a part of the population that behaves in a very unique way online. The Internet is the reign of millennials, as more than 20% of them access the Internet on mobile alone. In addition, 70% of their device time is spent on their smartphones, and 50% check their phones more than 51 times a day. Therefore, it comes with no surprise that brands see enormous opportunities in investing in mobile advertising.

With that being said, one must consider that millennials are disapproving of mobile ads. As a matter of fact, more than 40% have downloaded an ad blocker on their smartphones. The reason behind this fact is simple: they perceive mobile ads to be intrusive, distracting, and annoying.

Mobile advertising is thus becoming obsolete—it lacks context, integration, and engagement. Then, what should a brand do to reach millennials?

Online content advertising is the most preferable means of communication to reach the younger generations. By supporting online content instead of simply paying for an ad space online, millennials feel more engaged in the promotion and are more likely to develop a positive attitude towards brands.

Influencer marketing is the new era of mobile advertising. While millennials rarely believe that online ads are credible, they are much more likely to trust the recommendations and product endorsements of other people, more specifically of the people they know and follow on social media.

Thanks to influencer marketing, brands are thus able to convey the perfect advertisement to their targeted audience: content which is inserted in a context, which has an integrated message, and which actively engages millennials.

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Photo attributed to: Think with Google