YouTube Announces the Launch of Its Own TV Streaming Service

YouTube announced this week that it will soon launch its own alternative to traditional cable TV: YouTube TV. With about 40 networks onboard to live-stream, including ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX, the service will come at $35 per month with the possibility of subscribing up to 6 accounts with unlimited cloud DVR storage space.

As live-streaming apps and services keep on rising, Google is taking a big step to affirm YouTube as the new TV of the digital era.

For advertisers, this represents a new channel to reach their audiences and an opportunity to reach the younger generations, who are increasingly veering away from traditional TV and are becoming more accustomed to online services.

As traditional and online media find a way to merge and make the best of both worlds, YouTube TV will encourage brands to branch out and establish countless innovative means of advertising their products or services through the channel. Also, this will possibly affect the way marketers decide which social platforms they want to advertise on, arguably leaning more on influencer marketing’s presence in video content on YouTube as the primary channel.

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Photo attributed to: Diana McDougall