How Instagram Stories is Becoming the Most Important Video Content Provider

Instagram has recently launched a new feature in Instagram Stories that makes it even more similar to its rival Snapchat: geostickers. The feature is only available in New York and Jakarta for the moment, but it is safe to assume that more cities are on the way. The geostickers are just one of the many Snapchat-like features that have been recently introduced, one of them being add-on stickers for location, emojis, time and weather.

Having more than 150 million daily users, Instagram Stories is unarguably on its way to becoming the leading temporary short-video content provider, possibly hindering Snapchat’s future growth.

As a matter of fact, the growth of Instagram Stories is rapidly escalating, as users are drawn into consuming more content through it. And as a whole, Instagram as an app has successfully tied high quality photos, inspiring posts and Stories all together onto one, convenient platform. The main advantage of the service is that Instagram Stories allows users not only to browse through a friend’s stream, but also through celebrities’, photographers’, and influencers’ stories, making it more inviting than its counterpart.

This, of course, has enormous implications for Influencer Marketing. Instagram Stories is already considered an extremely valuable tool for brands to advertise their products on— not only by allowing brands to build engaging stories on their own Instagram profiles, but also by allowing influencers to tell their own stories, and in turn giving followers the chance to see how their go-to lifestyle models incorporate certain products into their everyday lives. The ability to tag other profiles, in addition, leads to even more opportunities, as users can easily tap and be redirected to a company’s profile, and seamlessly scroll through their page. On top of this, influencers can takeover a company’s Instagram profile for a certain period of time and invite their followers to stream their story from there, instantly driving traffic onto the company’s social media accounts and boosting brand awareness.

As a whole, Instagram Stories encourages users to follow interesting stories from people on a more spontaneous level, whether they are looking for inspiration or simple entertainment. It is safe to say that we foresee an exponential development of this service and its incorporation into influencer marketing campaigns across industries.

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Photo attributed to: Techcrunch