Happy Saint Patrick's Day From Jameson

Saint Patrick’s day represents a huge marketing opportunity for spirits brands which can take advantage of the celebration to promote their products without being perceived as immoral and unethical by customers. The single malt Irish whiskey brand Jameson, for example, was able to utilize different social media techniques to create innovative and engaging ads in partnership with tech companies celebrating the 17th of March in U.S.

The company developed varying strategies depending on the social media platform being used. To kick off the ads, parent company Pernod Ricard set off Google ads amidst the snowy days in the lead up to the 17th, strategically offering consumers an online booze-delivery service including a “minibar" of the liquor giant’s brands, including Jameson.

On Twitter, users had the opportunity to get a free Jameson T-shirt delivered within two hours of seeing Jameson’s promoted tweets and using the official hashtag #JamesonSPDSwag. On St. Patrick’s Day itself, the brand released Snapchat geofilters targeted at 75 bar districts around the country that were accessible exclusively at the bars. Finally, Jameson partnered with Uber to offer free rides up to $10 courtesy of the brand for those using UberX and UberPool in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and Houston through Sunday, 19th March 2017. Uber users who were out and about celebrating the holiday were able to open the app and read a note that stated, “This St. Patrick’s Day, enjoy a free ride (up to $10) courtesy of Jameson Irish whiskey, so you can celebrate [your] favorite holiday and get home safely with a designated driver.”

This unarguably innovative and successful digital strategy was complementary to Jameson's traditional marketing one, which, around the time of St. Patrick’s Day, included a Limited Edition Bottle designed by a local Dublin artist that was available online as well as the brand’s organization of various celebratory events and parties all over the world, such as the "Jameson Village" in Milan.

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Photo attributed to: Jameson