The New Amazon Influencer Program

Today, the relevance of influencers is recognized by brands and marketers all over the world. Amazon, the giant e-commerce platform, is now beta-testing an invite-only Influencer Program targeting the largest, most popular influencers. These influencers will have the opportunity to obtain a personal URL at in order to promote and share a selected number of products with their followers all while having the chance to earn commission on the goods purchased through their Amazon profiles.

The Amazon Influencer Program is similar to the previous Affiliate one but the real novelty is in its exclusivity—it is accessible only by influencers who meet the requirements laid out by Amazon. Bloggers will have to apply to participate in the program and the e-commerce platform will evaluate applications based on things like follower count, engagement rate, and the quality and relevance of content posted on the influencer’s profile. Once invited to join the program, influencers will have the chance to promote select products on their Amazon page and earn a sum if followers decide to buy them. Bloggers of course have the option of showcasing their Amazon URL on their social media profiles or in posts to help drive traffic. By clicking on the URL, followers will be directed to their favorite influencer’s Amazon “store” and will see his/her recommended products alongside brief descriptions, prices, and Amazon Prime status.

It must be noted that Amazon does not influence the influencers’ product selection in any way and does not collaborate with brands to help them reach influencers, even if it recognizes and accepts the possibility of external relationships between influencers and the companies of the promoted goods. In addition, the program application process is open to influencers belonging to any category, from food to fashion.

Influencers who are already part of the new program claim to be satisfied with it. For example, Liane Mullin from the “What’sUpMoms” Youtube channel states that, thanks to the Amazon Influencer program, she can easily gather all the products she uses in her videos and recommend them to her followers in an innovative, personalized e-store.

The launch of the Amazon Influencer Program seems to be the natural and profitable evolution of the relationship between e-commerce platforms and influencers. Indeed, bloggers’ main objective is to promote and suggest products to their followers and Amazon has been able to offer them an easier way to accomplish this goal and monetize recommendations.

Photo Attributed to: Product Hunt

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