3 Reasons Why You Should Invite Influencers To Your Events

According to Forbes, more and more marketers today are tapping into influencer marketing to exploit the enormous influence social media celebrities have on their audience and the incredible reach and engagement levels they are able to bring about.

Following the increasing relevance of influencer marketing, more brands are also demanding to promote their corporate events through the attendance of influencers.

Your company may have several reasons to host an event: sponsoring a sport competition, promoting the launch of a new brand, or publicizing the opening of a new location… whatever your goal, influencer marketing can help you boost not only awareness of the event, but also recognition of your brand.

Here are 3 ways in which influencers can bring your events to life:

1. Influencers make events accessible to everyone

Thanks to short-video app providers such as Snapchat and Instagram Stories, influencers can promote the event and document their experiences, allowing their followers to feel as if they are attending the event themselves. This creates excitement and interest, and drives more traffic to the brand’s online platforms and activities.

>2. Influencers create engaging content

Influencers are lifestyle models and an inspiration source for followers, who can relate to them and create a relationship with their idols. Visual content on social media is the connection link between followers and influencers, and it plays a central role in nurturing this relationship. For this reason, an event is the perfect occasion for influencers to provide followers with more visual content to consume and draw inspiration from, while making them aware of the brand and enhancing their interest and curiosity towards the sponsored brand.

3. Influencers know it better/span>

Being social media experts, influencers know what works with their audiences and how they can captivate and engage them in the most effective way. By leveraging this, influencers are able to create a content which is much more authentic and trustable, ultimately delivering more effective messages to their followers.

Events can be also be documented on the official brand’s social media profiles, for example by letting influencers take over the brand’s Instagram Stories for one night and acting as brand representatives.

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