Is Instagram Stories Disrupting The Snapchat Phenomenon?

In August 2016, Instagram began rolling out Instagram Stories, a feature that many saw as just an imitation of Snapchat’s temporary short video service. At the time, Snapchat had around 150 million users, had just surpassed Twitter, and its growth seemed to be unstoppable. Was it actually possible that Instagram Stories could disrupt the Snapchat phenomenon?

Now, nine months later, it was announced that over 200 million people are using Instagram Stories every day, while Snapchat last reported 158 million daily users in February. The student has become the master.

A month ago we anticipated the possibility of Instagram hindering Snapchat’s future growth, and now it seems that our forecast was accurate. In fact, Instagram did one thing that Snapchat couldn’t do: it tied its traditional posts together with Stories, all in one single platform. As users don’t need to switch from one app to another to browse through their Instagram feed and their friends’ stories, Instagram managed to attract more people to make use of the app, leading them to share much more.

The implications for Influencer Marketing are clear: now more than ever will brands have the chance to take advantage of Instagram Stories to advertise their products. Influencers already make enormous use of Instagram Stories, documenting moments from their everyday lives and sharing them with their followers. By partnering with already active influencers, brands have the valuable opportunity of giving followers the chance to see how their go-to lifestyle models incorporate certain products into their lives.

As the service keeps on developing at an unstoppable speed, we are certain that it will be increasingly essential for brands to incorporate Influencer Marketing campaigns via Instagram Stories in their marketing initiatives. In the meantime, we will wait and see if Snapchat will be able to rally more users to its platform.

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Photo Attributed to: Immediate Future