Small Businesses And The Power Of Influencer Marketing

With more than 600 million monthly active users, Instagram is with no doubt the go-to platform for businesses to present themselves and promote their products and services. Thanks to visually engaging content, Instagram has huge advertising potential, which is wisely being exploited by a tremendous amount of companies, from small to large corporations, and in particular through influencer marketing.

However, it appears that small and medium-sized businesses are not taking full advantage of Instagram’s opportunities: according to a research by Manta, only 20% pay to promote posts or place ads on Instagram. The consequence is that the remaining 80% are missing out on all the potential benefits that come from a network with such impressive consumer participation. Here is why Instagram and influencer marketing must be included in small businesses’ strategy:

Engaging visual content

Instagram’s success derives mostly from its extremely engaging visual content. Research shows that 65% of the population are visual learners, therefore pages with visual content receive 94% more views than those without. For small and medium businesses looking to raise their brand awareness, Instagram’s function for sharing visual posts is the most valuable asset. This is even more amplified when influencers, who have a huge follower count and engagement, share sponsored posts on their profiles, creating authentic and appealing content that has a strong impact on the consumer's perception and attitude towards the brand.

Direct Response

According to Adage, 60% of its users familiarize themselves with products and services on the platform and 75% take direct action after being inspired by a branded post. For small businesses that are on Instagram and work with influencers, this can result in the ability to become known by potential consumers and catch the attention of their target audience, ultimately increasing brand recognition and creating positive sentiment.

In conclusion, for small and medium-sized businesses, having a well-curated and visually appealing Instagram profile is of paramount importance, as influencers will tag the brands in their posts, and direct their followers to the brand’s page. Whether the business’ goal is to strengthen their presence on social media or to improve their conversion rate, it is clear that building a strong Instagram profile and relying on influencer marketing are the starting points for attaining more widespread customer engagement and retainment.

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Photo Attributed to: Matt Laporte