A Chat With Fashion And Beauty Blogger Olia Majd

Olia Majd is unarguably one of the most popular and genuine style and beauty bloggers in the United States at the moment. Her striking, exotic beauty derives from a mix of origins: the San Diego native has a rare background of half Persian and half French.

After embarking upon a career in accounting and realizing that it did not make her happy, Olia was brave enough to drop the job in order to follow her dreams; she was able to transform her passions for beauty and fashion into a full-time and highly demanding job first by entering the beauty field and obtaining a license as an esthetician, and then by starting to share beauty and skincare tips on YouTube.

Soon after, she decided to start a style blog titled “Love, Olia”, focusing on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle— a channel she continues to uses quite actively to share personal anecdotes and tips for women, striving to inspire her followers one post at a time.

Aside from having the wonderful opportunity to work with Olia on several different occasions, Pulse recently had the lucky chance to interview this multitalented, energetic young woman.

Here is what we learned:

When asked to recall her favorite social media campaign, Olia does not hesitate to mention one of the most recent and successful projects she worked on with us: the campaign for Longines, a globally renowned, prestigious Swiss watchmaking company.

Among other international influencers, Olia had the opportunity to attend and experience the annual Longines Equestrian World Cup in Omaha, Nebraska in full, sharing snippets of her experience and introducing Longines’ special edition watch to her followers throughout her time there. Olia loved this project because, as she says, the event was something she had never experienced before. She mentions, “getting to work with and meeting the whole Longines team was a dream come true!.” Olia also enjoyed being able to converse in French with the Swiss brand.

With that being said, according to Olia, her ability to speak French fluently is one secret “talent" that most of her followers are unaware of. What her followers do know is that the Californian beauty loves to travel, and, as an influencer always on the go, she gets the opportunity to do that very often. Olia’s go-to destination is her family's home in Las Terranes, Dominican Republic. She says, “it's a small remote town on the Samana peninsula and what I love most about it is it's not filled with tourists and
big hotels. You get a feel for the culture and that's how I love to vacation when I go somewhere.”

Olia’s love for Las Terranes and the authentic cultural experience she is exposed to when she is there is very telling of the emphasis she puts on authenticity as a value on a day to day basis, especially when she is communicating with her followers. On her blog, Olia aims to be true to herself, and for this reason, she says that her biggest satisfaction derives from receiving messages from followers who say they appreciate how genuine she is. “That's something that really means the world to me,” she says.

Finally, when asked to reveal her favorite aspect of being a social media influencer, Olia confesses that it is truly a dream job. She loves being able to share her favorite things and tips with people who are genuinely interested, and says that being able to connect with them through social media and unconventional channels is very gratifying. Olia beams about her followers, "It's just an amazing community of friends that you never knew you'd have otherwise."

Photos Attributed to: Love, Olia

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