The Modern Men Take On Fashion Week

Berlin and Paris fashion weeks took place this month, marking a significant opportunity for influencers to attend events and participate in brand partnerships. Pulse influencers Daniel, Kosta, and Sandro—part of the trio known as “the Modern Men”—were able to participate in several of these opportunities due to being the biggest male fashion voices in Germany. The three men are known for their fashion, fitness and lifestyle visual content and advice published on their shared blog and individual Instagram accounts. Pulse Management has taken a big part in establishing the men into the social media forces they are today.

During Berlin Fashion week, the Modern Men attended GQ magazine's twenty year anniversary celebration in the “GQ Mension” at the Oysterbank. That evening, Daniel, Kosta and Sandro were amongst other prominent friends of the magazine who were invited to the exclusive party. The event was sponsored by Puma and Grey Goose, both brands that the Modern Men regard highly and have established strong relationships with over the past year through several brand partnerships.

Along with the event, Daniel, Kosta, and Sandro had the opportunity to participate in a GQ x Puma collaboration; the Modern Men were featured in an article and sweepstakes in which readers could enter to win a gym training session with the men, who are known for their fitness expertise. GQ filmed the winner with the Modern Men and got incredible footage of their private workout lesson fully decked out in Puma apparel. Visually striking Instagram content also came out of this partnership, such as a shot of Daniel sporting an entirely Puma outfit at the gym. This collaboration was both successful and highly entertaining because it allowed Puma to showcase its high-quality, trendy clothing through the Modern Men and through the press it received from the GQ readers contest.

Additionally, the men were able to attend an event for Grey Goose at the Hotel Zoo in Berlin—they documented their individual experiences through their social media channels, posting lively stories and beautiful, colorful photos showcasing their cocktails. The men love the Grey Goose brand, as it encompasses their own elegant, refined style and therefore were thrilled to share the brand with their followers through their own eyes.

During Paris Haute Couture, Daniel also took part in the official launch of the new cologne by Paco Rabanne, “XS.” Paco Rabanne is a Spanish brand celebrated for fashion as well as luxurious fragrance. Daniel, also known as “Magic Fox," was able to speak with the model featured in the launch campaign in order to learn more about the essence of the scent. He posted about the launch party on his Instagram using the hashtag #exsessiveme, sharing his genuine excitement for the new fragrance release and providing event support and brand awareness to the brand.

Berlin and Paris fashion weeks proved to be successful for the Modern Men, as they were able to attend various exclusive events and both take part in collaborations and get an inside look on the brands they admire. Influencer marketing as a whole creates the incredible opportunity for Fashion Week coverage to extend beyond the VIP guest lists for shows and after parties, and the Modern Men themselves exemplify the ability for brands to partner with influencers in order to showcase their events dynamically to vast social media followings.

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