How Paul & Shark Launched Its New Clothing Line With Adventure Seeker And Athlete Erik Conover

For a high-performance luxury sportswear company looking to promote a new high-tech water resistant jacket, an experiential, adventurous campaign would seem like the ideal strategy. This is the case of Paul & Shark, an italian sportswear company that worked with Pulse to create a campaign to showcase its “7 Days to Test 777". Pulse called upon travel enthusiast Erik Conover to properly test the new SHARK 777 three-layer water resistant jacket, part of the new collection, through a rigorous, athletic journey across Norway. Through its campaign with Pulse, Paul & Shark was able to drive awareness, stir up incredibly high levels of engagement, and most importantly, prove to be the mastermind behind the world's lightest and thinnest waterproof jacket.

Thanks to his versatile background and fearless spirit, Pulse and Paul & Shark selected 27-year-old influencer Erik Conover, an extreme sports fanatic, to document his adventures testing the brand’s jacket on social media. Pulse chose to test the product directly on the field by creating an ad hoc concept and organizing the entire trip through intriguing and physically demanding activities, a strategy meant to highlight a complete authentic experience, not merely the featured product. As a result, Pulse worked with Paul & Shark to create the “7 Days to Test 777” campaign, which encompassed seven activities in seven days in seven different locations within Norway:

1. Surfing at Jaeren Beach
2. Kitesurfing at Sola Beach
3. Rafting at Voss Ri
4. Exploring the Nigardsbreen Ice Cave;
5. Biking on the Trollstigen;
6. Driving to Atlanterhavsveien, the most dangerous road in the world;
7. Boating near the world's strongest whirlwind, Saltstraumen Maelstrom

All content, including photos and videos shot during the activities, were shared on Conover’s main channels as well as on Paul & Shark’s official pages.

The result was a successful campaign that garnered over 1.3 million impressions and more than 70,000 total interactions on social media; a campaign that generated an overall feeling of strong interest and positivity towards the event and the brand as a whole, with a total average campaign engagement of 14.9%. Moreover, Paul & Shark’s follower base increased by 5.4% by the end of the campaign.

The takeaway? Involving an influencer in a highly engaging, travel focused campaign like the one developed with Paul & Shark allows brands to generate high levels of lasting engagement through a storytelling strategy that propels followers to keep coming back and share their thoughts on all the highlighted activities. Finally, choosing an influencer who is perfectly aligned with your brand will help increase the reach and exposure of your campaigns to relevant target audiences, thanks to the additional “earned” content they may create out of genuine admiration for your brand and the authenticity in which your brand’s message will be relayed.

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