Travel Blogging: The Modern Travel Guidebook

Through personal accounts and first-hand reviews of hotels, restaurants, attractions, and other travel experiences, travel blogs are becoming the main source of information for tourists seeking to plan vacations. More frequently, travelers are looking to travel bloggers who share their trip itineraries, travel tips, and suggestions on their blogs in an aesthetic and tasteful, yet genuine manner, more so than the traditional guide book or tourism website. Blog posts are structured similarly to personal journal entries from an individual’s travel experience, and include anecdotes as well as practical information, all in the unique voice of the author. As a whole, travel bloggers provide inspiration and foster a sense of excitement through beautiful photography and engaging text, making their readers feel as if they were on vacation with the blogger.

Pulse is currently collaborating with the agency responsible for tourism in Lombardia, Italy. The project, “#inLombardia365,” is an ongoing campaign featuring prominent travel bloggers. The goal of the campaign is to highlight the natural beauty of this Italian region and its versatile terrain, which makes it an ideal travel destination for culture, cuisine, and sports lovers. Pulse has selected bloggers from all over the world to experience Lombardia and its distinct, unmatchable attractions first-hand.

This year-long project includes 10 >weekend-long trips devoted to the exploration of the region. With its scenic lakes and stunning natural landscapes, and the historic and unique architecture, a new set of bloggers will experience a different facet of Lombardia each weekend. Bloggers are carefully matched with an itinerary which best fits their personal brand and interests. This way, it is ensured that the blogger can convey his or her experience in the most authentic, passionate way possible.

The #inLombardia365 campaign has proven to be extremely successful so far. In the first quarter of 2017, 44 bloggers published their original travel content, amassing 75 million impressions and readers worldwide. The goal is to inspire these readers to experience Lombardia for themselves and choose the region as their next vacation destination. Travel bloggers are entrusted with providing a realistic account of a particular destination, and by sharing travel experiences digitally in the most captivating, holistic way possible, readers are able to easily save and share blog links, photos, and text, aiding in bringing travel plans together at the click of a button.

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