Social media video statistics

Over the last couple of years, digital video has been transforming social media and has impacted how we consume and deliver content, becoming one of the most important trends companies have followed in 2017. Since Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook to become a video-first platform in 2016, the 2-billion monthly-user platform has estimated that 100 million hours of Facebook Videos are watched every day, and has also invested millions of dollars in promoting its Live feature. Snapchat’s huge success was due to its video-first component, which allowed users to share content mainly in video format. This trend was then adopted by Instagram, which included the successful Stories video feature followed by Live streaming, which launched in early 2017. Twitter also has emphasized video, integrating the live streaming platform Periscope into the ‘Explore’ tab within its app, and purchasing network television deals. With all of this, digital video has proven to be an effective and successful tool for brands to reach their target audience effectively, and the trend is unarguably here to stay. For this reason, Pulse has selected the top video statistics that have shaped 2017 and that will also make video the social media king for the years ahead.