The Rise and Success of Influencer Brands and Businesses

Brands partner with influencers in order to tap into their ability to bolster brand awareness and drive sales, and to align themselves with the spirit and values of each individual talent. Talents have realized the power of their platforms to influence consumers. Now, a large number of influencers are starting to take it to the next level by launching their own successful businesses, many of which align a variety of products with their personal branding. Pulse Advertising and Pulse Management have the resources to not only design and manage successful advertising campaigns involving influencers, but also help influencers launch successful businesses based on the brands they have worked hard to create for themselves.

Our own exclusive talent, Tessa Barton @tezzamb, is a perfect example of an influencer who has used her personal brand and skill set in order to establish a successful business advertised through her Instagram and blog. Tessa just recently launched her <"Adobe Lightroom Presets", which contain different filter options for people to purchase, in order to share her infamous photography edits with her followers. Preset options include a vintage, crisp, and warm effect that are all visible on her own feed. In addition, Tessa has launched a collage kit for purchase, mirroring her own collage wall that can be seen in her dreamy NYC apartment photos. The kit includes 150 high quality prints that followers can buy in order to create a beautiful collage wall in their homes. Both of these ventures have been incredibly successful due to their alignment with Tessa’s brand, but certainly would not have been nearly as successful without her loyal follower base.

Another example of a prominent influencer brand is that of Chiara Ferragni, @chiaraferragni. Chiara is the biggest fashion influencer in the industry, boasting 10.6 million followers on Instagram. She launched the "Chiara Ferragni Collection" in 2013, and today it is sold in more than 300 stores worldwide. The collection began with a shoe focus and has since expanded into apparel and accessories. Chiara also uses her blog, which has become a full online magazine, "The Blonde Salad", as an e-commerce retailer, adding another source of revenue to her business. She is therefore able to seamlessly promote brands that can be purchased directly from her website. Ferragni’s social media acts as her main source of advertising for her brand and e-commerce shop. This has allowed her to gain great success, with her Chiara Ferragni collection alone generating more than $15 million dollars a year according to Business of Fashion.

Negin Mirsalehi, @negin_mirsalehi, was also able to capitalize on her social media impact, with over 4.3 million followers on Instagram, through launching her own haircare brand: "Gisou". All of the products are honey based due to her family’s longtime business of raising bees for six generations. Since the launch of the original product, a Honey Infused Hair Oil, Negin has released a heat protecting spray and a texturizing wave spray. Negin uses her own social platform to promote her haircare line, which has obtained a large sales volume.

Other notable influencer brands include Julie Sariña, @sincerelyjules’s clothing line “Shop Sincerely Jules”, Shea Marie @peaceloveshea’s luxury swimwear brand “Same Swim”, Rumi Neely’s apparel line “AreYouAmI”, and Amber Fillerup’s line of hair extensions, “Barefoot Blonde Hair”.

The success and exposure that influencers gain from promoting their own businesses on their social media underscores the impact that influencers have on their followers to create meaningful branding. Pulse Advertising and Pulse Management play an integral role in creating impactful influencer campaigns that mirror the effects these influencer’s have had on their own businesses.


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