Pulse Talent Spotlight: An Interview with Lorenzo Liverani

As Pulse Italy expands, the management team is adding some of the most stylish Italian influencers to their roster. Lorenzo Liverani, @liveranilorenzo, is the newest addition to the Pulse Management family. Lorenzo is the creative behind the blog, Your Mirror Style, dedicated to fashion, travel, and design. Lorenzo boasts over 180k followers on his Instagram, where he documents his daily outfits and world travels. From the Maldives to Marrakesh, Lorenzo is always traveling to new corners of the world, sharing his experiences and eclectic personal style through his photography.

Pulse recently spoke with Lorenzo and got an inside look into the inspiration behind his blog and where he is headed next!

What is the story behind your blog, “Your Mirror Style”?

The name of my blog comes from the concept that I would like to be - a mirror to my followers. A mirror where everything I do is reflected, from my personal look, to the journey I’m taking. It is something to aspire to, something that is not impossible to obtain.

What does personal style and fashion mean to you?

I am not a “fashion victim” and never will be one. I don’t wear items because they are in fashion, I just wear what I like and what I think represents myself. I think fashion is about your attitude and something that expresses the way you are.

What are your go-to wardrobe staples you believe every man should own?

For winter, a high neck jumper in cashmere, a single-colored coat, light trousers and leather boots. For the summer a white linen shirt, a Panama hat, Levi’s 501 jeans and leather sandals.

Of all of the hotels you have visited, which had your favorite design?

My favorite hotel is in Messico, called Casa La Semilla. It’s a small location owned by a couple, he’s Swiss and she’s Mexican. All of the furniture is made from recycled materials. For example, the headboards of the beds are old doors!

What would your dream brand collaboration be?

I would love a long term collaboration with an airline like Emirates, so I could get to know the brand, learn about their points of strength, and the relationship they have with their customers.

What places would you like to travel to next year?

Next year I would like to go to Cappadocia, in Turkey. It is an unreal setting, and the colors of the terrain make you feel like you are living in another dimension.

How do you get inspiration for your photographs? Who takes your images and using what camera?

I am inspired by the pictures I see on other Instagram profiles, in regard to poses and camera angles. My pictures are all taken by the people who travel with me, after I provide instructions on how to take them. I usually use my phone because it has a very good point of resolution.

Photos via: yourmirrorstyle.com