Pulse Talent Spotlight: Chatting with Janine Jahnke

Pulse Germany recently added Munich-based travel and fashion blogger Janine Jahnke, @joliejanine, to their roster. Janine shares her global adventures and trendy, refreshing personal style with eye-catching photography on her blog, Jolie Janine, and with over 200k followers on Instagram!

Pulse spoke with the German blogger about her travels, being vegan, and her aspirations for the future of her blog. Read below!

What is the story behind your blog and what inspired you to create it?

To be honest, I never thought I would start a blog. While I was in school, I always enjoyed looking at Swedish blogs during class, but I never thought it would be something for me. After I graduated, I started dedicating more time to my passions: traveling and healthy eating and living. One of my mom’s friends suggested I should start a blog. At first, I was a bit overwhelmed by the idea, but I eventually started an Instagram account, where I began posting vegan food pictures. I was still traveling frequently, so I was able to integrate photos from my trips on my account too. I soon realized I had to start a blog so I could expand on the content I was already sharing on Instagram. At the moment I absolutely love what I am doing, because I get to do everything I love through one job: write, take pictures, travel, style shoots etc.

My advice to anyone wanting to give veganism a try would be to do it for a few weeks and just see how you feel. I felt so much better than I did before I went vegan. I had more energy, felt lighter, and my relationship with food improved drastically. The way a vegan diet makes me feel is one of my main motivations to continue eating this way. Also, I have learned a lot about the ethical and environmental impacts of our diets, which has supported my diet choice even further.

What was your motivation to become a vegan, and what advice would you give people looking to make the change?

My initial motivation to go vegan was for health reasons. I have always been super interested in nutrition and I used to think that I was already eating as healthy as I possibly could. This was until I discovered the vegan diet through a girl I was following on Instagram. I became curious and started watching YouTube videos and documentaries, reading science-based books and doing lots of research. I figured, when done correctly, a vegan diet is one of the healthiest dietary choices.

What are your favorite vegan restaurants in the world?

All of them are in Bali: Down to Earth, Nalu Bowls, Alchemy and Peloton Supershop.

What is on your bucket list for 2018?

There are so many places I really want to travel to. South America, Portugal, Australia and Los Angeles are on the top of my list!

Which collaboration with a brand has been your favorite?

This is hard to answer, because every collaboration is so unique! I really enjoyed my collaboration with Foodspring, because I was able to make creative, fun recipes and share them with my followers.

What travel destination has been your favorite and why?

This year my three favorite destinations have been Stockholm, Paris and the Maldives. Stockholm was amazing because I love Scandinavian street style and this city itself is so beautiful and uniquely charming. Paris is always a big YES, and this year it was even more memorable because I went there with my sister for her birthday. We watched the lights of the Eiffel Tower at night, which was such a magical way to end her birthday. I have always been wanting to go to the Maldives, this year I was finally able to go. I was in absolute awe! I had never seen a place that beautiful before!

What was the inspiration behind your Stardancer jewelry collection?

The inspiration behind my Stardancer collection came from my trip to the Dubai desert. When I was stargazing up into the night sky, I realized how small mine and everyone else’s existence really is. This motivated me to pursue my dreams, even if there was a risk of failure, because in the end what I did was so small in comparison to the bigger picture. I wanted to share this perspective through the pieces in my collection. No matter what’s going on in your life, what you are struggling with or what your dreams are, there is something so much more powerful out there and that gives you a sense of trust and purpose.