Get to Know Mr. Salvatore!

Pulse Italy has added the talented Salvatore Vita @mr.salvatore_ to their Pulse Management roster! Based in Milan, Salvatore shares his images with 246,000 people on Instagram. His edgy style and interesting content succeed in capturing the attention of his incredibly engaged audience. Read below to get a better idea of the man behind the blog.

How did Instagram help you in connecting with other influencers? Who are your favorites?

That is Instagram's most beautiful side! I have always loved connecting with people that share my passions, but in the past it was difficult to build those relationships. Instagram has allowed me to connect with incredible, passionate creators because it is an open and non-competitive environment!

For example, I was able to build a strong friendship with Giovanni Bonamy @gioboyparis through social media. He is a great inspiration to my work, and I have had the honor of collaborating with him on projects. Some of my favorite influencers include @qmike due to his unique content, and @ianelikins, whose passion for photography is apparent in each of his images.

How would you describe your personal style? How has it evolved over time?

I definitely have a “street” style! I follow fashion trends, but I like to adapt trends to my own style to make them my own.

Which is your favourite tattoo and why?

I have more than 20 tattoos and each of them has an important meaning. If I had to choose one, I would say that my favourite is the heart on my left arm with the writing “family is the heart’s homeland” since I am very close to my family, and it is one of the first tattoos I got.

If you could live in another city, which one would you choose?

Los Angeles! I am obsessed with this city because of the sun, the sea, and the unique colours of Venice beach. I go there every year and I never get bored of it. I love the city's energy and landscape - the Hollywood hills are breathtakingly beautiful!

What is one item in your closet you couldn’t live without?

I love leather goods. In my wardrobe there will always be boots and leather jackets!

If you were not an influencer what would you like to do as a job?

I started being an influencer for fun, and then I found my profile growing constantly. After a year of thinking about it, I took a chance and focused on my passion full-time. Before I began blogging I really enjoyed working as a visual merchandiser, so I would have continued to do that for work.