Flora's Runway Q&A

Pulse Management is honored to have Flora Dalle Vacche @floradallevacche as part of our roster based in Milan, Italy. Flora's passion for her blog is apparent in everything she does - from the quality of her images to the way she describes her work. Read below to get to know Flora's vibrant personality and gain insight into the woman behind the blog.

What inspired you to study Italian literature and contemporary art at Ca’Foscari University?

Even though all members of my family have a scientific mind (my mother has a degree in nuclear physics, my father is a manager and my sister is about to undertake university studies in biomedical engineering), I have always loved the humanities.

I attended classical high school and was lucky enough to have excellent professors who made me love Italian art and literature. That was definitely the starting point of my interest towards the disciplines, which have continued to be a great source of inspiration for me. Art and literature have given me the ability to escape reality and travel through my imagination. Actually, one of my biggest dreams since childhood is to open a gallery of contemporary art in New York.

How did you begin blogging?

I have always loved collecting memories and sharing my life through words and images.

In high school I received my first camera and from there I started shooting especially during my travels. I must say that I had the great fortune to grow up in a family that allowed me to see the world and get in touch with different cultures and realities.

As far as the digital world is concerned, I started to get interested in it when the Instagram phenomenon exploded in Italy. I immediately downloaded the application and started posting moments of my daily life, from a lunch with friends to the outfit I was wearing for an evening out. I immediately noticed a growing audience. So, through motivation from my dear friends and a creative drive, I decided to turn this passion into a full-time pursuit. On October 13th, 2013 my blog "Flora's Runway" was born, and in turn a virtual space where I share photos, thoughts, emotions and videos.

You were born in Venice, but now split your time in Milan? Which city do you prefer and why?

It is difficult to choose between two cities that are so different from each other, Venice will certainly always be my great love. In addition to being the city where I was born and raised, it is a unique city that cannot be described in words. I always say that Venice is a state of mind; everyone feels and interprets it in their own way. It is a city where you can not help falling in love at every turn. Venice is full of inspiration that fills your eyes and heart with beauty.

On the other hand, I have started to know Milan during the last three years. Initially I saw it too far from my reality. Then, with time, I learned to appreciate it and it is currently a city that I like very much. I feel at ease in Milan and, inevitably for work, it has become my second home. I have considered the idea of moving several times, but then I get cold feet. However, one day it could happen ... who knows, we'll see!

Who are your style muses? What else inspires your outfits?

I have several icons that inspire me, including international bloggers, actresses, singers and celebrities. Surely one of the women I've always felt very close to is Audrey Hepburn. I have always loved that she is both chic and jaunty at the same time. Her huge sunglasses are an accessory that I love! I am also inspired by more up-to-date women like the actress Blake Lively. I love the way she presents herself, from her hairstyles to her ability to look beautiful from the most sophisticated to the most casual looks.

In addition to this, I find big inspiration in the closets of my mother and my grandmother, I do love coats, jewelry and vintage accessories and I often visit markets and shops of this kind.

Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled to this year and why?

It may seem obvious, but the trip I did this year to Santorini. I loved it so much that I hope to return this summer. I had heard so many people say: "You'll see, it's heaven and you'll fall in love with it!" but I'm always very skeptical because I think that you must feel a place yourself. You have to see its colors, breathe in its scents, and listen to it with mind and heart.

I must admit that Santorini far surpassed my expectations and the stories that people had told me. A place detached from time - magical, perfect, and harmonious. It won me over instantly. I spent ten days surrounded by beauty and perfection, swam in a sea of a thousand shades of blue, and saw breathtaking sunsets. I also took the trip with my sister, who is the most important person in my life. Therefore, experiencing Santorini's beauty with her as my travel companion made it even more unforgettable.

Favorite brand collaboration?

Although it is not 100% my blog's focus, as I focus on fashion and travel, my favorite collaboration was with Ferrari Trento, one of the most successful sparkling wine brands in Italy and abroad. It is the collaboration I most enjoyed because I was given the opportunity to express myself in a new industry sector. I was able to take part in very important projects and events with the brand such as the Venice Film Festival. In addition, I was given creative freedom and the ability to propose ideas, projects, content for the campaign, which made me feel part of the Ferrari Trento family.

Who takes your images and what is your photo editing process?

Currently, most of my photos are made by professional photographers because I have tried to improve  the quality of my posts over time. I work mainly with two photographers, one based in Milan and one based in Venice, who also come with me on my travels. Both have become part of my family. They are not only photographers, they are people with whom I've established a relationship of esteem, respect, and friendship. I know I can always count on them in both a professional and emotional level.

As far as editing is concerned, I mainly use Adobe Lightroom because it allows me to create the chromatic tones that represent me the most. I often consult with my photographers for editing because I really care about their opinion. In general, I am a person who is always open to advice because I firmly believe that you never stop improving and learning in life.