Sensodyne ProSchmelz Event: #StrongForTheDayAhead

We all start our mornings differently. Some spend time having breakfast with their loved ones, others take a quick shower and rush out the door. No matter what our individual morning routines look like, one habit is universal: Everyone brushes their teeth to get ready for the day.

Pulse recently worked with GSK Sensodyne ProSchmelz to celebrate the relaunch of their STRONG & White White toothpaste, designing a multiplatform influencer marketing campaign centered around the theme #StrongForTheDayAhead. As part of the activation, Pulse organized an event to officially kick things off.

Set at the Kurkuma Vegan Cooking School in Hamburg, Pulse welcomed 12 influencers to come enjoy the day and create content on-site. We put careful thought into the interior and exterior decor by placing Sensodyne ProSchmelz products throughout the space and complementing the venue with furnishings and decorations featuring the ProSchmelz colour palette.

The venue entrance was eye-catching, with a beautiful floral installation constructed with over a thousand fresh flowers, naturally bloomed in ProSchmelz’s brand colors. The flowers spelt out the campaign hashtag #SFTDA. This was the perfect back drop for influencers to share gorgeous content with their followers. Everyone enjoyed flashing their pearly whites!

To decorate the interior, we coordinated the vases, candles, and balloons to match the color palette of the room. Light strings and a lightbox added a special flair. We also placed cut-out stickers with the ProSchmelz logo in the windows of the building, adding a professional brand element to the celebration.

First the GSK team explained the benefits of the Sensodyne ProSchmelz products so the influencers could share the attributes with their followers. Then, the influencers were able to take part in fun activities which were centered around food. We started by teaching influencers how to make superfood snacks with matcha and acai. This was a perfect chance for the influencers to showcase the STRONG & White toothpaste alongside superfoods, highlighting how these products help boost your morning and get your teeth and body strong for the day ahead. We also set up a Polaroid station for influencers to take photos of themselves throughout the event.

Pulse then moved on to the highlight of the event: A 4-course vegan cooking class. Under coaching and supervision by a professional chef from Kukurma School, influencers were taught to make vegan summer rolls and individual buddha bowls. We created handwritten name tags for every influencer to make it easy for the influencers and other attendees to get to know each other, and to encourage interaction between everyone. As the event was a cooking class, we had custom aprons with the GSK logo made to insure the brand was made visible across the content going live throughout the day. The influencers posted engaging Instagram Stories and live videos of themselves taking part in the activities so their followers could follow along with the experience.

Pulse was able to create a beautiful video to capture the best moments from the event! Check it out below to be immersed into the GSK experience. The video content will be posted by the influencers and will be presented on GSK Sensodyne ProSchmelz’s social media channels and website to maximize the campaign's reach.

Pulse had the best time creating this event activation and executing engaging social media coverage for GSK.  With Sensodyne ProSchmelz STRONG & White, it’s easy to get #StrongForTheDayAhead.