The Importance Of Optimizing The Instagram Grid

For an influencer, Instagram's grid layout is their first chance to make an impression and communicate who they are to a potential follower. Therefore, the way an influencer’s images come together to create their overall feed is an important content strategy consideration. Influencers have gotten creative with their feeds, centering their content around a certain filter, color scheme, or themed row set up. The way images look similar to one another is undeniably aesthetically pleasing and is often how influencers can create a unique, engaging platform that sets them apart from others.

For example, Christie Tyler of @nycbambi is known for her minimalistic content and design images that side by side create a beautiful, nude toned feed that thousands of people look to for inspiration. How her content will look as one cohesive design is imperative to her Instagram. Therefore, a lot of planning goes into this — many influencers plan out their posting schedules weeks, or even months in advance. There are even phone applications dedicated to helping content creators plan their posts so that they look the best together on the grid. Where, when, and what is photographed is if course up to the influencer and their vision, and creating a cohesive look is not an easy task. This may even come down to what clothing can be worn. For example, a bright color would not blend in on @nycbambi. The overall aesthetic must always be kept in mind when shopping, creating content, scheduling, and lastly choosing brand collaborations.

Influencers have always been true to their brand and the interests of their followers by selectively collaborating with brands and products that fit into their lifestyle. The focus on the feed has created a new consideration for brand partnerships: will the product blend in with their overall grid? It is not uncommon, for example, to have an influencer who does not want to promote a product if it is not the right color to fit into their aesthetic. In addition, if an influencer does not have adequate time to fit a collaboration into their content calendar they may turn down a partnership.

One way of creating an aesthetically consistent feed is by taking advantage of photo editing tools. Many influencers known for their high quality images have even created a business selling their Adobe Lightroom Presets. The presets allow them to share how they edit their images to make them look professional and aesthetically pleasing. Influencers on our Pulse Management roster such as @tezzamb, @joliejanine, and @travel_inhershoes are known for their incredible photos and have garnered a lot of downloads of their presets! This is testimony to their influence on their followers and on other influencers to follow their content style.

It is important to acknowledge that while many Instagram users choose whether or not they want to follow an influencer based on scanning their overall feed, a majority of post impressions still come from the Instagram home newsfeed. Therefore, striking a strategy which balances the grid with exciting individual pieces of content is the best way to drive follower growth and engagement. As the number of influencers grows on Instagram, it is important for talent to find their own distinct aesthetic that will allow them to stand out. Focusing too much on content looking good together can have negative implications for keeping content diverse and keeping followers engaged.

The strictness by which an influencer focuses on their grid varies, however the focus on establishing a cohesive brand message is incredibly important. Our Pulse Management team provides insights to our talent in order to best strategize content to create a feed that optimizes engagement and follower growth. The grid is an overall important social strategy consideration that influencers use to leverage their unique points of view and creative visions.