A Chat With Our New Talent: Zoe Isabella Poetry

Pulse Management is honored to have Zoe Isabella Poetry Lazerson @zoelaz as part of our roster! Based in Utah, Zoe is a photography, travel, and fashion enthusiast who loves exploring the outdoors and is always planning out her next trip, whether it be to China or Joshua Tree National Park. We recently had the chance to chat with Zoe about her passions and the things that motivate her the most.

Tell us about yourself! Where did you grow up? Do you have siblings or pets?

My full name is Zoe Isabella Poetry Lazerson! I grew up in Orem, Utah, south of Salt Lake City. I am 1 out of 5 siblings! I land in the second-to-oldest. I absolutely love Utah, I love rock-climbing, being in nature, and obviously photography!

Would you say your personal style is inspired by certain cities that you travel to or cultures you experience?

I’d say my personal style is inspired by any single place, thing, or person! I don’t limit my style. I always say, “If it’s not your style make it your style!” I really try to live by that: to be bolder in what I wear, but still have class. If I see something I love, I say YES.

What motivates or inspires you to create? What are some instagram accounts that inspire you?

I’d say the number one thing that motivates me is seeing people have such a positive attitude in their careers! I love seeing passion through people; it really fires mine and makes me go hard with my visions. Some Instagram accounts that have always inspired me are my best friends, @jacimariesmith, @tyfrench, @tezzamb, @falllenskies... I could go on. Maybe it’s because I have a personal relationship with them that I feel inspired by seeing them work hard and play hard, too.

What is a motto that you live your life by?

I have a couple mottos I live by. The first one my older brother told me, “It’s always a no if you never ask.” Which has really changed my life, because if you want something, ASK. You have nothing to lose if someone responds, “No, thanks.” Another one is, “To begin, begin.” It’s so simple, but really when you want something you just have to START.

If we gave you a plane ticket to anywhere you wanted to go right now, where would you go and why?

I have a long list of destinations I want to travel to! I’m sure everyone does. If I were handed a plane ticket to anywhere right now, I’d pick Greece. It’s always been at the top of my list ever since I was a little girl. Fingers crossed I go this year!

What are some of your best travel tips?

Some of my best travel tips? Oh boy! I don’t know how people are not organized when traveling! Maybe I’m just that OCD about things. I always always have to know where my passport is, where my wallet is, and where my phone/camera/laptop is. I stay so organized, I always have designated spots for each of those things! Sometimes when I’m traveling in a bigger group of people everyone just hands me their passports cause they know they can trust me! Every place you visit is different, but staying organized is always at the top of my list.