The Rise Of Content Creation

The capabilities of influencers have expanded beyond posting on social media to being commissioned to create content for brand usage. Companies have realized that influencers are not only brand advocates, capable of creating brand awareness and driving sales, but also talented creators. Influencers have the capability to act in a similar fashion to an entire production crew, and they often provide the services of a model, stylist, photographer, videographer, and editor, producing professional quality media for their brand partnerships. In turn, brands have discovered that they should capitalize on this value by including influencer content in their own marketing materials. This may include a brand’s social media, email marketing, billboards, sponsored posts, and print advertisements. Using influencers for production capabilities is extremely cost effective in comparison to more traditional practices. In addition, there is added value in using the influencer as a model as many consumers recognize influencers and are therefore more likely to engage with content. Pulse has been able to pitch our talents and work on advertising campaigns with clients in which content creation and media usage have provided value to brands.

Pulse partnered with MVMT and LA based blogger Francis Lola @flamcis to create 6 images wearing MVMT sunglasses and watches for brand usage on their website, social media, and email marketing. Francis created beautiful pictures that the brand successfully leveraged through their own channels. This case study proves that influencers can provide value in collaborations where they are not commissioned to share directly with their followings.

Pulse talent Tessa Barton @tezzamb also showcases the positive impact of content creation through her partnership with ASH, a predominantly footwear focused brand that creates styles for men and women. Her first campaign was so successful that they have commissioned her for a second project. The first campaign combined content creation and posting content via her channels, utilizing her production capabilities while also capitalizing on her strong follower base.They commissioned Tessa to shoot a series of ten images and two videos during Coachella. The photos were used for their social media and the videos were used on the ASH website homepage. Following the success of this campaign, ASH commissioned Tessa for a second project in NYC for their summer campaign. The content created in this shoot will be used on a greater scale in order to showcase ASH through Tessa’s creative aesthetic. Social media advertising rights will be included in the shoot in order to fully integrate her content into their marketing strategy. ASH exemplifies that using the creative design of an influencer can strengthen the value of a brand through utilizing their content for brand usage.

Moving forward we are finding our talent roster is being commissioned more and more for these sorts of projects. For example, James Relf Dyer is partnering with Shangri-La to visit their hotels and create content in each location for the chain’s marketing campaign. Pulse is excited to see how content creation continues to grow as brands uncover new ways to include influencers in their brand strategy.

Photo via: IG @flamcis and @tezzam