Pulse X Pinterest

In mid-June, Pulse’s Italian team hosted a Pinterest workshop at their new office in Milan. It was designed for brands and influencers to learn about how to optimize their visibility on social media and diversify their portfolios through the platform.

Pinterest is an app for visual discovery; it serves as a source of inspiration in many fields. The platform helps in supporting the world of visual communication in which we live, as it sorts millions of photos in different categories. The most common six are fashion, food, drinks, furniture, travel, and beauty, each of which entails an infinite number of pictures. In comparison to other social platforms, Pinterest is the platform most used to discover new fashion brands according to Deep Focus Intelligence Group. 43% of people were said to discover brands on Pinterest versus Instagram at 33%. Users also utilize the platform to find new ideas for their everyday projects. Whether it is the decor for a dinner with friends, a DIY idea to make your space feel more homey, a party theme, or simply your daily outfit, Pinterest will help you create unique experiences and get creative. 

One of the main reasons that makes the platform so popular is its ability to keep up with the speed at which we are accustomed to go. We get bombarded with images everyday that are transformed into ideas, desires and needs by browsing on our desktops or sliding over the touchscreen of our smartphones. Pinterest satisfies our need to have a range of options before our eyes that are just a click away.

This is why a presence on Pinterest is becoming crucial for brands and influencers. Pinterest users are open to new ideas and are seeking after things that they haven't seen before. Thus, using Pinterest professionally will expand the audience exposed to your content and will drive traffic towards your other platforms as well.

Gresy Daniilidis, an Italian blogger of Greek origin whose case was featured as part of the Pulse workshop, experienced all of the above. After only having a presence on Instagram and Facebook, he started to use Pinterest in June 2018. Within just a few weeks, he saw an increase in traffic on his other social platforms and more opportunities to be discovered as a higher number of brands reached out to him for collaborations.

In short, whether you are a brand, an influencer or simply curious … how have you lived without Pinterest so far?

Check out our talent @emilyvartanian's Pinterest profile below for some inspiration!


Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash