The Fight To Eliminate Instagram Bots

Instagram bots: services that have been around for years to increase likes and comments on content. With the swipe of a credit card, users can add thousands of followers to their account in an instant. A photo that was receiving minimal interactions can receive thousands of likes and comments overnight. Certainly, this isn’t a new concept as we’ve touched upon the use of Instagram bots last year. More influencers and brands have been turning to these services, and Instagram has taken notice. They’re now working to end this situation.

Instagram has been combating fake accounts since the early days. Their Community Guidelines​ and Terms of Use​ outline that the use of third-party apps to generate inauthentic likes, comments, and followers is not permitted in order to keep Instagram spam-free. Instagram wants to ensure that accounts are as secure as possible. Users have been sharing their usernames and passwords with these services to give them access to their profile to increase their popularity. But in November, the app announced that they are taking more steps forward in reducing this activity. What exactly does this mean? Instagram’s technology has been advanced to detect fake accounts more efficiently, along with accounts that have been using these apps. They also stated on their blog that they will be launching more updates in the coming weeks to tackle the growing problem.

Why do influencers and brands turn to Instagram bots in the first place? One reason is that with a larger following and engagement rate, influencers can charge more to brands when promoting their products. It also creates a more “legit” look to one’s profile; real users are more likely to follow a brand with a larger following because of this. The steady increase of influencers active on Instagram has created more competition to work with brands and draw authentic attention to their content. Instagram bots quickly and easily became the solution to create the illusion of a high-profile account.

If you have been relying on third-party apps and services to drive your engagement, do not be surprised when the next time you log into Instagram to receive an in-app message saying that fake likes, comments, and followers are being removed from your account. While your past activity will not be affected, Instagram will ask you to change your password to prevent these apps from accessing your account. If this is not followed through, the app says that you may see your “Instagram experience impacted.” Be sure to take the necessary steps now to ensure your account is following all community guidelines that Instagram has provided!

Photo by: Matan Segev via Pexels