1) Where do you see the main difference between your job as a model and your job as an influencer? What do you like most about each of them?

Basically I have the possibility of expressing myself freely! I’d rather say that the only common part of the two jobs is that I’m the subject of (most of) the pictures.
As a model all you have to do is to pose or act the way the client wants you to do. As an influencer? I think the most exciting and challenging part of this job is that you’re also the producer, art director, creative, make up artist, hairstylist, post producer, pr, and sometimes you’re the photographer as well! Sure, you still have to look pretty and cool, but you can choose to change your look, weight, style, hair color and much more according to your moods and feelings, without having to stick to an image your modeling agency wants you to keep!

2) What was your motivation to become vegan? Do you have any advice for people that want to try to go plant based?

4 years ago, with Christmas time approaching, I started to feel a weird consumerism euphoria all around me.
I think that was the moment when I made the connection, when I’ve noticed how animal’s lives are considered to be goods just like any other product you can find on the market.
In modern society it’s not easy to consider an article available on a supermarket shelf for what it really is, even when that “item” used to be a living entity with feelings. We’re completely unlinked from the origin of it, so we forget we should be grateful for what we take benefit from the planet instead of abusing it.
I don’t mean we should all be vegetarian or vegan, but it would be amazing if we could take advantage of our privileged role on the Earth in a more conscious way, respecting other creatures and remembering this world it’s not our property and that’s it’s the only home we’ve got.

Advices to go on a plant based lifestyle?
Just try it for a week and see if it works for your body! But the change comes from the inside, if not moved by ethical reasons veganism is just a diet like another (and might not be the most suitable for you)

3) How, if it did, becoming a mum changed your life?

Hehe of course it did!
First of all you go from “I’ve just learnt how to take care of myself” to “so I have to fulfil someone else’s needs before mine or that one would start to cry out like hell?”
Well, this is step one, first practical impact with a new hierarchy of everything.
Talking emotionally, all that becoming a mother might go around, comes around in terms of joy and love. Just like the Grinch, your heart gains a couple of sizes, I’m pretty sure.

4) What is on your bucket list for 2019?

I’ve promised my daughter this year I’ll take her up to the snow, somewhere I’ve avoided to go in the last 8 years because I’m really hopeless when it comes to skiing!
Then I’m currently planning a long family trip to California, dreaming of the Maldives or Bali in the Indian Ocean, wondering what I’d find at the Hawaii, wish to visit the Emirates, and the list goes on and on with destinations like Singapore, Japan, the magical Blue Lagoon in Iceland, Santorini, Cappadocia, Russia, Australia and our Sicily, where I’ve never been yet.

5) How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a very enthusiastic person, I definitely like to share pictures about things and situation I like, and this changes from time to time, according to the crush of the moment.
This makes my profile pretty unpredictable, but I can say there’s one thing my posts usually have in common: a happy natural mood.

6) If you were not an influencer what would you like to do as a job?

I would change job often and study for the next one in the meantime!

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