Influencer Spotlight: Get To Know The Miljians

We are excited to announce that the Miljian family is now part of our talent roster! The family of four consists of Miki, Julien, Teo, and Lia, and are anything but a regular family. They are full-time travellers in hopes of experiencing the world from different perspectives. Up to most recent days, they have been travelling for almost 500 days in total!

Their wonderful family of four work as a team when it comes to documenting their travels around the world. The well-curated and aesthetically pleasing Instagram account is run by Julien, the father, while the mother, Miki, turns their experiences into meaningful words. But we are all aware that Teo and Lia are the real stars of their Instagram account. Teo, their adorable son, works as the creative director and helps come up with all of the fantastic ideas on how the family should pose for pictures. Lia, their delightful daughter, is the entertainer to make everyone laugh!

About a year and a half ago, Miki and Julien decided to pursue one of their biggest dreams: to travel the world. They left their beautiful home in Italy, selling everything they own and packing up two suitcases to experience life abroad. What is their destination you may ask? Everywhere.

To most people, their choice may seem crazy at first. It goes against societal standards of having a stable job and income and is definitely not a common choice amongst the greater population. But upon closer inspection, their travels reflect the importance of family and reminds us all of a family’s significance. After all, family is one’s biggest support system, especially for children. Family provides the foundation of the basic morals and values in life. The Miljian family supports one another and encourages love and adventure.

One of the most commonly asked question to the globe-trotting family is, “how do they travel with children?” Miki and Julien have decided to use social media as a platform to promote the message that travelling with children, despite occasional difficulties and challenges, is something that families should consider doing more of and that one should not give up discovering the world because of their children. In fact, people should integrate travelling into their children’s lives so that they are exposed to various cultures early on and can gain wider perspectives and understanding of the world. The Miljian family act as living proof that travelling with children have many positive aspects. They commonly share their advice in episodes of their daily lives, which can be found on their blog and social media channels.

Miki and Julien definitely don’t need a babysitter for their young children. They always boast that their children learn from the “school of the world”. Their children speak Italian, French and a bit of English and they also know how to greet and say thank you in the languages of all the countries they have visited thus far, which include United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Japan, Korea, USA, Mexico, Cuba, Sri Lanka, India, and Nepal.

During their travels, they meet, talk and share experiences with all the locals. They also encourage their children to respect each country as their own and teach them to adapt to their cultural norms. They are not tourists, they are real travellers.

The Miljians turned their dreams into reality and every member of the family has an important role to play in their journeys. Julien takes care of the production of video and photo content. Miki's writing captivates audiences all over the world, and of course, Teo and Lia's openness and adaptability solidify them as being the perfect team altogether. Miki intends to further pursue her passion for writing and is now writing her first book. We are looking forward to continuing following them on their travel journey and to read Miki’s first book!

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