Top YouTube Statistics You Should Know For Influencer Marketing

Born in 2005, YouTube was just a more extended version of the now extinct video platform Vine. YouTube was simply about uploading silly videos here and there, which makes you question the very existence of the videos that were being uploaded in the first place. Remember the video of ‘Me at the Zoo’? Fun fact, that was the first ever video uploaded on YouTube.

YouTube has evolved exponentially and continues to grow as one of the most valuable channels for marketing and entertainment. Despite the rise of Instagram, Twitch, TikTok and more, YouTube is at the forefront of Influencer Marketing. Check out some of the stats below which personifies YouTube’s rise to success:

1. People have watched over 50,000 years of product review videos on YouTube. People seek for advice and reviews before purchasing a product. This is where brands need their products to be, they have to get their products reviewed by well-known or niche Vloggers in dedicated or mention videos.

2. In an average week, YouTube reaches more audiences between the age of 18-49 than any cable TV networks, especially during peak times. More people spend their time online than on TV nowadays with the rise of Netflix and Hulu. Think about our own online habits, they have drastically changed in the last few years.

3. When was the last time you learned something from YouTube? For us, pretty much a minute ago. 70% of millennial YouTube users have watched a YouTube video to learn how to do something new or learn about something they’re interested in.

4. 80% of YouTube users watched a video to help them make a purchase decision particularly at the beginning of the shopping process. Brands need to ensure that their Influencer Marketing campaign is launched at the right time in order to optimally influence the purchase decision.

5. Product instructions are out. YouTuber users are 3x more likely to watch a YouTube tutorial than actually reading instructions.

6. The content category of music, comedy, pop culture and ‘how-tos’ are the four most popular content categories on YouTube.

YouTube has not lost in touch. On the contrary, with the decrease of TV time and the increase of online time, the channel has flourished and will continue to do so, particularly on the reliance of influencers creating entertaining and high-quality content.

With YouTube Premium in which creators have their own ‘TV show’, the channel is leveraging influencers for viewership, and it presents immense opportunities for brands to convert the viewers into brand followers and paying customers.

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Photos by: Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash