#YouOwnIt: Our Campaign With MAC Cosmetics Achieves A Record 2 Billion Views!

Pulse Advertising MAC

We owned it! To celebrate expressiveness and individuality, MAC Cosmetics and Pulse Advertising launched the #YouOwnIt campaign on TikTok during the New York Fashion Week. During the Fashion Week, many brands bustle on the catwalk. To stand out from the crowd, especially amongst the Gen Z, we focused our efforts on TikTok.

With the message #YouOwnIt, the brand from the Estée Lauder Group wanted to encourage more diversity. 18 influencers from the US and Mexico were chosen to turn the brand's cosmetics into a runway beauty and capture it via the TikTok app.

By creating content which focuses on the idea on individual uniqueness, the influencers called their respective community to do the same. That's exactly what happened. The followers created their content - and we, with over 2 billion views, achieved the highest number of video views ever with a TikTok campaign for MAC Cosmetics. 

"Our campaign sets a new benchmark in the industry and once again shows how influencer marketing can be successfully used," says  Christoph Kastenholz, our co-founder & CEO. At MAC Cosmetics,  Diederik Koenders, VP of Integrated Communications & Content, sees this campaign as a massive success: "Expressiveness and individuality are key to MAC, so it's important for us to highlight it during key moments like the New York Fashion Week. Thanks to Pulse Advertising and the awesome creators, we were able to convey these values in a playful and approachable way which resonates with the Gen Z.”

As pioneers and leaders of Influencer Marketing, we are setting new precedents and benchmarks. Reach out to us to manage your next influencer marketing campaign!