The Latest Instagram Updates Which You Should Know

Are you up-to-date with all the latest Instagram updates?

With more than 1 billion+ monthly active users, Instagram is no doubt one of the most powerful social media platforms there is and staying informed allows you to be ahead of the game. Instagram has made several updates and experimented with a few new apps recently; find out the most essential information here:


Joining the family of messaging apps, Instagram launched Threads. Threads is a camera and messaging app designed for you to keep up with your closest friends. Threads allows you to choose from different statuses or to set your own. Furthermore, Threads’ conversations can also remain in the Instagram app, which means that you can continue the same chat on both apps. It would be interesting to see where Instagram will be taking the app and how their audience would respond to the app.


Instagram has gone bold lately with removing the ‘number of likes’ feature on several Instagram accounts and changing up the algorithms, which has undoubtedly affected lots of content creators and brands working with influencers. Instagram needs to maintain its current engagement levels and keep the platform growing. One way is to maintain a connection with influencers or creators, which are a pivotal part of Instagram’s engagement and also success. To do that, Instagram launched the ‘@creators’ account to assist creators or influencers — citing that it is a place to learn more about what it takes to become a creator. With decreasing engagement and stagnation in growth and engagement for many users, this platform will encourage creators to ask their burning questions and to encourage them to continue to post and keep their community buzzing.

Removing the ‘Following’ Tab

Instagram is removing its 'Following' tab. Familiar with the 'Following' tab? The 'Following' tab is a stalker's paradise in which you can view the activity of the people who you are following. For example, what they have commented on and what content they liked. According to Instagram, the tool is not used frequently and that the 'Explore' tab is now the new place to find inspiration, people, hashtags and more. The 'Explore' page caters towards the increasingly visual audience and yields higher engagement than a 'Following' tab.

Final Thoughts

Social media channels are developing fast. With channels such as TikTok and Twitch on a rapid rise, Instagram needs to ensure that its users are spending time on their platform rather than on others. With updates rolling out almost every month, Instagram is wasting no time to enhance user experiences by removing extra features that are not needed and ensuring that communication between users is more accessible, more personal and more straight-forward. To continuously keep up with the updates and to understand whether any of the updates provide opportunities for your next influencer marketing campaign, reach out to our dedicated team of Instagram experts.

Photo via Lance Matthew Pahang