How To Maximise Influencer Campaigns This Holiday Season

The holiday season is right around the corner and brands are actively strategizing on how to beat last year’s sales. Brands are paying thousands of dollars each year to squeeze some ad-space in this hectic holiday period. With the marketing sphere evolving, more and more, brands are opting for influencer marketing as their core advertising strategy. It is an area where brands consistently increase their budget every year (The Drum).

Influencer Marketing has become a staple in many brand’s marketing mixes to help increase online and also in-store sales. Influencer Marketing allows brands to connect with consumers more authentically by leveraging influencers with a substantial social media following.

According to MediaKix, in addition to spotting fake following and dealing with algorithm changes, one of the most significant challenges for brands is to understand whether they are building the right influencer marketing strategy. The influencer marketing sphere evolves quickly, and one approach does not fit all for every holiday season. We’ve gathered the best practices below for brands to maximize their influencer campaigns for this holiday season:

Involve Influencers outside of the social channels

For this season,  involve influencers into your campaigns outside of social media such as events, email marketing, print ads and TV. Influencer Marketing has come a long way from simple product placements, campaigns have become a lot more elaborate and immersive. Having influencer attend events and having them post about it yields high engagement and allow the audience to be immersed in the influencer’s lifestyle fully. Make sure that you have the buyout rights before thinking of an in-depth influencer led offline and online marketing campaign.

Stories, stories, stories

Imagine yourself sitting on a couch after a full meal of holiday dinner and taking a break from holiday conversations - swiping through social is (let’s admit it) inevitable. That’s where you want your brand to be. That’s where marketers should be running an Instagram stories campaign. With the swipe up feature, you can direct your audience to your product or service page. Consider also asking influencers to do a story takeover on your brand Instagram page, this will not only increase brand awareness but also drive traffic to your brand page.


What is a holiday season without giveaways? Giveaways are a great way to enhance engagement and interest in your product and your brand. When selecting influencers for giveaways, take a look at their previous giveaways which they’ve done and take note of the engagement. Ensure that there are actually genuine engagement there rather than bots.

Co-creating holiday capsule collections

From full lines of clothing, supplements to make-up products, the trend of co-producing with influencers have taken over the market by storm. Co-creating products with influencer require significant time, resource and effort investment from both sides. Instead of co-creating a full range of products, marketers can consider launching capsule collections or even just one product with the influencer.

Get a holiday Brand Ambassador

In previous years, ambassadorships, especially the ones lasting for more than 6 months, were extremely common in the influencer marketing scene. However, the market evolved and more brands are experimenting with short term ambassadorships ranging from 1-3 months. This can be an excellent opportunity for marketers to pick their ambassadors without having to invest significantly. Having several short term ambassadors at once can help you target a variety of audiences in a short period.

Build a challenge on TikTok

To gain exponential brand awareness and reach, TikTok is the platform to be on this holiday season. A successful method to market on TikTok is to build a featured challenge. At Pulse, we are partners with TikTok, and we work directly with them to strategize with brands on how to activate campaigns on TikTok. For our campaign with MAC Cosmetics, part of Estée Lauder Companies, we achieved outstanding results through an influencer activation on the platform that outperformed all industry standards with views standing at 2.3 billion to date! To plan your next TikTok holiday campaign, reach out to our team of TikTok experts to plan your holiday campaigns now.

The influencer marketplace is becoming increasingly cluttered and over-saturated with campaigns. An ever-evolving and dynamic strategy to influencer marketing campaigns is very much a necessity at this stage. To strategize an integrated influencer marketing campaign to stand out in this holiday season, brands should consult an influencer marketing agency. Get in touch with us now to plan your next campaign and have a stress-free holiday!

Photo via Element5 Digital