Social Media Marketing: Time To Be One Step Ahead

What if TikTok dies? What if it's just a fad? What if it's another Google Plus or Vine?

History shows us, brands and marketers alike have ignored new trends, emerging platforms and technologies, because of being rigid in their strategy, because they are afraid to take risks or because they don’t feel like the trend will last.

Social media platforms can go from zero to hero in just a few years. There was a time when people baulked or ignored the idea of Facebook, and then Instagram. As it stands Instagram has 1 BILLION monthly active users and is a leading player in the Influencer Marketing world.

Gain A First Mover's Advantage

There are lots of new platforms being launched on a regular basis. The trick is to be able to determine what’s worth your time and what isn’t. Keeping an open-mind will allow you to stay ahead of the competition and capitalise on trending platforms. Most businesses are afraid to take the risk of moving into new spaces, investing resources into new platforms. In a study by Harvard Business Review, it reflected that only 34% of businesses believed in the benefits of adopting to new technologies.

Being first in a marketing space can have huge benefits for your business. There are “growth hacks” which work in the beginning phase of any platform, which don’t work anymore once the platform becomes “too big”. Once a marketing strategy on a particular platform starts to show results, other brands and marketers jump on the bandwagon. Everyone then uses that strategy, advertises on that platform, and the results become diluted for everyone.

How To Be A First Mover

Following social media trends and content marketing trends can help you know about what’s happening in the marketing and advertising world and help you stay ahead of the curve. Speaking to the experts, a social media influencer marketing agency can help - they can guide you on how your next quarter’s marketing strategy should be, which platforms to focus on, and how.

So Where To, Next?

TikTok. The short-form video app hailing from Beijing’s ByteDance is growing rapidly, and currently has over 500m active users globally. More and more brands are opting for Influencer Marketing, with their primary focus on TikTok. MAC Cosmetics partnered up with Pulse Advertising to launch the #YouOwnIt campaign on TikTok during the New York Fashion Week this year. The campaign received outstanding results, with over 2.3 Billion views and counting.

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