The Impact Of Gaming Influencers

Whether it is action or simulation games, the gaming industry has never been as popular with consumers as it is today. According to Newzoo, in 2018, the gaming industry generated over 138 billion US dollars in sales worldwide and showed no signs of slowing down. Players such as Shroud (7 million followers) and Myth (5.5 million followers) are amongst the best-known users of popular platforms such as Mixer and Twitch. Mixer and Twitch are also expanding their video genres, from gaming to other categories, to attract new users. One of the most distinct statistics of the gaming industry in 2019 is that 63% of mobile e-gamers are female. Female users are more willing than male gamers to make in-app purchases. This statistic alone presents brands with copious opportunities to reach new target markets and to monetize through Influencer Marketing.

Why are gaming platforms so popular?

Live video content. This video format is what differentiates the gaming industry from any others. The live video format creates a level of authenticity because it allows influencers, or streamers, to directly engage with their audiences. There is no ‘second take’ or edited conversations within live videos. This element enables gaming influencers to develop high credibility amongst their followers. Viewers can participate by engaging in comments and, therefore, become part of the game.

Acceptance of Brand Sponsorships

The acceptance of brand sponsorships from gamers is different from other social media platforms. According to a study by Bazaarvoice, more than half of surveyed audiences in Europe feel that influencer sponsored content misrepresents real life (54%). Contrarily, 80% of Twitch users are open to brand sponsoring a specific gamer. The platform provides opportunities for brands to position themselves through influencers without having to experience potential backlash from a typical product placement influencer campaign.

Top 3 platforms for gaming influencers

Gaming platforms with streaming services play a massive role in the rapid rise of e-sports. They allow users around the world to connect to other gamers while playing the same game. Furthermore, it also means that users are actively engaging in the content rather than passively scrolling through images and videos. This fact alone presents marketers with many opportunities to market their brand in front of an active audience who do not mind seeing sponsored posts. To start Influencer Marketing on gaming platforms, your brand has to consider the following platforms:


Twitch, which was founded in 2011 and with over 2 million unique visitors per month, has been undisputedly the leading platform for the gaming industry. In 2014, the platform was sold to Amazon for nearly $1 billion and has since become an online gaming community where players stream their screens live and compete with each other. With over 7.2 million followers, @Tfue is one of the most well-known gaming influencers on the platform. He is known for playing "Fortnite". Twitch enables viewers to participate actively and interact with the players through a chat room. On average, 106 minutes of content are consumed every day per user, which is a value that is much higher than on any other platform in this area. The power of this platform is most definitely undeniable.


One of the most popular platforms globally is YouTube. In 2015, the platform opened a separate platform for all things gaming - YouTube Gaming. In the first quarter of 2019, the platform decided to merge all of YouTube Gaming profiles into the regular YouTube user interface since most of its popular gaming influencers, such as @Pewdiepie, @IHasCupquake and @TypicalGamer are already on the platform.


Mixer was first announced in 2016, and the same year, it was acquired by Microsoft. The platform primarily attracts users of Windows 10 and Xbox because it can be fully integrated into Microsoft software. As a new gaming platform, Mixer is less crowded than the other platforms in terms of users and viewers, which means that the platform is best used to target niche audiences. This August, the platform signed @Ninja, the most followed player on Twitch, in an exclusive contract with an aim to establish the new platform as the market leader.

Marketing Opportunities

Many users are present on gaming platforms, and the gaming industry generates billions of revenues everywhere. The bond between the gamer and its audiences is unique and plays a vital role in shaping how their audience view brands and products. With Twitch and the other platforms expanding into different genres in addition to gaming, there are plentiful opportunities for brands to be present in a gamer’s stream. Reach out to our Twitch, Mixer and YouTube experts at Pulse to plan your next Influencer Marketing campaign.

Sean Do via Unsplash