Influencer Marketing Trends To Look For In 2020

In 2019, some of the critical questions in Influencer Marketing were: how are brands spending effectively on content creator campaigns? How do brands get consumers to purchase after seeing the content? In 2019, it became more prevalent that simple product placement posts or ad-hoc Influencer Marketing campaigns are less effective. From the rise of social media platforms such as TikTok and the inclusion of performance marketing with the creator’s content, the landscape of Influencer Marketing is changing rapidly and that marketers are sourcing for ways to monetize through this means of Marketing continuously. In 2020, we will see that brands will leverage content creators in media production, media assets and digital marketing. Furthermore, utilizing content creators for performance marketing will be a crucial part of all Influencer Marketing campaigns. Lastly, video content has been in the spotlight in the last years and will continue to dominate the Influencer Marketing advertising space.

Performance Marketing with Content Creators

On average, people need 5-8 touchpoints with a brand activation to be enticed to purchase. With that, content creation and content distribution need to work hand-in-hand, guiding a consumer from initial interest to the point of sale. We are bridging that gap, having creators tell a story, and then leveraging performance marketing to keep up the communication funnel with the viewer, to the point at which they become a customer. In 2020, creators and their content paired with performance will be indispensable in every Influencer Marketing campaign.

Content Creators in Media Production and Digital Marketing

In recent years, content creators have progressively become the next generation opinion leaders, and it has been increasingly popular to include them in media production, media assets and digital marketing. For our Tinder's #SingleNotSorry and Deichmann's #SpreadtheLook campaign, content creators were contracted for media production due to their recognition within the target audiences. 2020 will be the year content creators will be leveraged to their full potential.

Video, Video, Video

In 2019, TikTok has contributed significantly to the popularity of video content. Instagram Stories will continue to dominate as new features such as user-created filters will allow for increased brand awareness. IGTV will continuously grow as users are adding 'teasers' to their feeds to prompt their followers to watch the video. Live video format, such as Twitch live streams, creates a level of authenticity which will enable influencers, or streamers, to engage with their audiences directly. There is no 'second take' or edited conversations within live videos. 2020 will see this medium continue to flourish and potentially replace image-based post feeds. Our campaign with Xiaomi involved various types of video content such as YouTube, IGTV, Stories, and so much more.

As the industry continues to mature in 2020, Influencer Marketing campaigns will become more strategic and require more man-power to execute in order for brands to reap the full benefits from this form of Marketing. Reach out to us now to plan your first 2020 Influencer Marketing campaign.

Photo by Jude Beck via Unsplash